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Pictured above is GFD Station #1 and our First Line Fire and Rescue Apparatus

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Proudly Serving The Gardiner Fire District Since 1912

------100 Years and Counting / Still 100% Volunteer-----

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Can We FInd You When An Emergency Happens?????  
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------  Our New Firehouse Addition Is Now Complete (Occupancy March 24, 2014) ------
We have been working hard to invest your generous donations in order to help us serve you better in our 'Second Hundred Years'
The New Firehouse was built Entirely with Fire Department Funds that have been
Acquired through Your Generous Donations, the Help of Local Business Owners, and Our Fire Department Fund Raising Activities

Our Special Thanks Go To:
John Savago - Construction Manager
The Majestic Family - Property
P.E. Colucci - Site Work
Bob Colucci (Ultimate Homes) - Finish Carpentry Work
Ken Savago - Equipment Operator
Jim Wild - Well and Pump
Jim & Bob Taylor - Plumbing
D&A Masonry - Concrete Work
Andy Morgan - Radiant Heat System
Pioneer Pole Buildings
Tom Donald - Electric Garage Door Openers & Tile
Rich Koenig & Paul Mele - Engineering Drawings & Design
Kimlin Propane - Propane Gas Service and Tank
John Dippel - Land Survey
Greg Hostetler, Chris Martinez & Scott Barclay - Site Work
Jack Versusky & Bill Ecker - Electric Work
Frank Sabarese - Well Casings for Protective Barriers
Chris Zaccheo/Fall Fittings - Steel
Tantillo Farms - Aerial Lift
NYCOMCO - Antenna and Radio Installation
Hank Vance - Building Inspector (Code Guidance)
The Officers and Members of the Fire Department

and All Who Continue to Donate to This Project!

GFD Adopts-A-Highway

We have 'Adopted' 1.7 miles of Route 44-55 beginning at the Town Line on the East and extending to Sand Hill Road on the West.

Let's All Help To Keep It Clean!!!!


               became MANDATORY in ALL Residences
               in New York State on February 22, 2010 

   That's when 'Amanda's Law'  went into effect in New York State.  It requires essentially all residences, both NEW and  EXISTING, to have carbon monoxide alarms installed.  Existing one and two family residences will be required to have  one CO detector instaled on the lowest story that has a sleeping area.  
                                                Click this link for the code text and legislation:  Amanda's Law
                        Please Protect Your Family And Your Property
     When Did You Last Change The Batteries In Your Smoke Detectors And
               CO Detectors??     If You Don't Know...... Please Do It Now!!!           

    A New DEC Regulation Of Open Burning Was Effective on October 14, 2009
                                                                                             (Click Here for Details)

              Do You Have what it takes to be an EMT?? --- We NEED YOU!!!

      New Link Posted To 'Hybrid Vehicle Information For Emergency Response Personnel'  (Click  Here)

             Think That Rubber Tires Can Be Safe When Your Vehicle Contacts A Power Line??
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                                         GFD Members: Have You Completed The Mandatory NIMS OnLine Training???

     Have You Ever Been To The Fireman's Home and Museum In Hudson, NY???  (Click Here To Take A Quick Picture Tour)

  Help Us Help The Community --- VOLUNTEER!!!!!!



Gardiner is a New York State Fire Town

Help Prevent BRUSH FIRES.  Please Review The Local Requirements Before You Ignite an Open Burn.

BURNING PERMITS are required for ANY  Open Burning in the Town of Gardiner.  

Get your Permit at the Town Hall  'BEFORE' you burn AND obey the instructions on the Permit.




Did You Know That You Must Call Your Alarm Company And Take Your System Out Of Service Before Testing Your Alarm System OR Changing Detector Batteries?

IF You Don't And The System Activates It Will Seize Your Phone Line, Report An Alarm, And Before Long We Will Be Visiting  You.  Also, Don't Forget To Call The Alarm Company Again When You Are Finished To Place The System Back In Service.


The Primary Mission of the Gardiner Volunteer Fire Department is the Protection of Life and 
Property within the limits of the Gardiner Fire District, located in the Town of Gardiner New York.

We provide Fire Protection and Suppression Services as well as Medical/First Aid and Rescue Services.

Our Personnel are all volunteers and our membership is open to all residents of the Fire District 
who are over the age of 18 (Cadets may apply at age 16).

This Web Site is Dedicated to the Men and Women who are proud to be our members.


A Brief History of the Gardiner Fire Department, Gardiner New York

In 1912, the first fire district was formed in the hamlet of Gardiner and the first apparatus, a hand pumper was purchased. Lee McIntosh served as the first Fire Chief. 
In 1925, a great fire destroyed a good portion of the hamlet. It soon became apparent that better equipment and a larger fire district was a necessity. A committee was 
formed and soon the movement to dissolve the original small fire district was well under way. It was replaced by a larger district and by 1926 a new Sanford Engine had 
been purchased and put into service. John Moran was elected to serve both as Chief and also as President of the Gardiner Fire Company. Chief Moran held this position 
until 1946 when Myron Wells was elected as President and Lawson Upright was elected as Chief.

The original single bay firehouse, located across from the railroad station on what is now known as Station Square, is the current home of the Gardiner Library. It was 
replaced in 1964 by a new two bay firehouse that was built by the volunteer firemen and located at 100 Main Street. That station has since seen two building additions, 
the first to add a single bay and the second a larger two bay addition. A second firehouse (Station #2), was constructed at the West end of the district on Route 44-55 
(Minnewaska Trail) and was dedicated in 1953.

Both firehouses in the district are owned and operated by the Gardiner Fire Department Inc., a not-for-profit volunteer fire company incorporated in 1952. The Fire 
Department maintains these properties with funds raised primarily through various fund raising activities and also by contributions received from the residents of the 
township and the fire district.

In April 1977, the traditional firefighting services were augmented by the formation of an emergency rescue and first aid squad. All fire and rescue/first aid apparatus is 
owned by the Gardiner Fire District. The Fire District is comprised of an elected municipal board of commissioners organized under New York State Law. The Fire 
District currently owns an ambulance, rescue truck, three engines, a tanker, and a brush truck. All of this apparatus is housed in the two firehouses and is operated 
by volunteer members of the Fire Department.

Ulster County Emergency Services WebsiteUlster County's New "Emergency Services" Web Site is up and running.  Click on the link above and explore.  You'll find information there for Fire, EMS, and Police as well as several useful links.

Monthly Meetings Monthly meetings of the Gardiner Fire Department are held on the first Monday
of each month except when that day is a recognized holiday in which case the meeting is held on the following Monday. Meetings are held at Station #1 and
begin promptly at 7PM.

"Blue Lights" Are Now on Police Vehicles You are now seeing "Blue Lights" on the rear facing side of Police Vehicles. Click this link for more information.

Drills and Training
Drills and Training exercises are held on Monday evenings (except for meeting 
night) beginning at 7PM at Station #1.  Drills are also occasionally held on Sundays starting at 9AM (See our Drill Schedule for details).   Feel free to come by and check us out.  We'll even help you fill out a membership application if you like what you see.

New York State Fire Training Courses

The 2016 New York State Fire Training Course List is now available at the Firehouse. Advanced Registration is required for most courses. Contact Chief Bailin for the Advanced Registration Form.  Prerequisites may also be required.

New Members If you are interested in serving as a volunteer firefighter, we are constantly 
seeking folks like you. Sometimes the hours can be long and the work 
strenuous (also we get no pay) but there is satisfaction in knowing that you 
are providing a vital service for all residents of and visitors to the Gardiner Fire District. If interested, click on the "Member Application" link above.

       PLEASE Practice FIRE SAFETY                       Do You Know EDITH?

              DRIVE WITH CARE/Buckle Up
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